Oksigena Acetilena Plasma Tranĉa Maŝino Kun Torĉa Kabloprovizilo 220V 110V

Product Details

Model Number: CNC1-1500X3000
Certification: CE, ISO, CCC
Loko de Origino: Ĉinio
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Price: Negotiable
Payment Terms: L/C, T/T
Supply Ability: 100 sets per month
Delivery Time: 20 days
Packaging Details: Plywooden box
CNC system: Fangling FL-2100
Cutting gas: Oxygen/ acetylene/ propane
Display: LCD7" TFT color screen
Weight: 90 kg
Cutting speed: 0~6000mm/min
Rated power: 200W


Priskribo de la produkto

The CNC control of CNC1-1500X3000 mini cutting machine is the same as the big gantry CNC machine. It can cut kind of complex plane shapes. Oxy-fuel cutting and plasma cutting are all available. It’s very convenient and portable any time.

Customer can decide the machine span, rail length according to actual requirements(Pipe diameter and length etc.).

Machine tool and beam are of good quality aluminum alloy which is anti-deformed,durable,economical and decent after the disposal of stress relieving and surface oxidation.

100% high quality aluminum structure , mould-creating, one-time molding ,easier to install and dismantale, reduce the accident rish during working time.

Unique design structure largely reduce the friction and raise the steability which Greatly improve the accuracy.

Also, we here patent product help you find the the high quailty products and reliable supplier .



Portable CNC plasma cutting machine is a automatic and high efficiency cutting equipment. It is widley used in all kinds of carbon material,stainless steel and nonferrous metal sheet and thick metal plate.


Teknikaj Parametroj

ModeloCNC-1200 X 2000CNC-1600 X 3400
Enira Tensio220V / 110V220V / 110V
Potenco de nutrado-ofteco50HZ / 60HZ50HZ / 60HZ
Taksita Potencoprovizo180W180W
LCD-Dimensio5.7 Inches5.7 Inches
Efika Tranĉa Larĝo (X akso)1200mm1500mm
Efika Tranĉa longo (Y akso)2000/3000/6000mm2000/3000/6000mm
Tranĉanta Rapido0-2500mm per minute0-2500mm per minute
Plasma Tranĉa Dikeco2--20mm (0.08''--0.79'')2--20mm (0.08''--0.79'')
Flama Tranĉanta Dikeco6--150mm (0.2''--5.9'')6--150mm (0.2''--5.9'')
Emergency Stop ButtonNoJes
Free (Off) ButtonNoJes
Kruca Trabo-Longeco1700mm2200mm
Longitudinala Relo-Longeco2500/4000/6000mm4000/6000mm
Longitudinala Rojo-Larĝo196mm345mm
Host Machine Dimension (L*W*H mm)508*344*305600*449*350
Cross Beam Weight9.3kg12kg
Host Machine Weight26.7kg30kg
Longitudinal Rail Weight34.5kg53.5kg
Total Weight70.5kg (156 lbs )95.5kg (211 lbs)
GaspremoMax. 0.1Mpa (14.5 PSI )Max. 0.1Mpa (14.5 PSI )
Oksigena PremoMax. 1.0Mpa (145 PSI )Max. 1.0Mpa (145 PSI )
Tranĉanta GasoAcetileno / Propano / MetanoAcetileno / Propano / Metano
Plasma PotencfontoTHERMADYNE Cutmaster A120 /
Hypertherm PowerMAX 105
THERMADYNE Cutmaster A120 /
Hypertherm PowerMAX 105
Plasma AeroNur premita AeroNur premita Aero
Plasma Aera PremoMax. 0.8Mpa (116 PSI)Max. 0.8Mpa (116 PSI)