Portebla CNC-Plasma Tranĉmaŝino, Efika Flama Tranĉa Maŝino

Product Details

Atesto: CE, ISO
Loko de Origino: Ĉinio
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: USD6000
Delivery Time: 30 working days
Packaging Details: Standard export packing


Parameters of machine

● Cutting method: flame cutting
● Cutting torches: 1 unit cutting torch (with arc pressure height controller)
● Applicable cutting materials: mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc.
● Flame cutting thickness: 6-100mm
● Distance of torch moving: ≤120mm
● Free moving speed: 0-8000mm/min
● Applicable software: CAXA/ Auto CAD/ Art CAM etc.
● Moving precision: ≤0.005mm
● Input voltage of machine: 220VAC ± 10
● Gas supply: Oxygen, propane, acetylene


Machine capability

● Cutting shape: any programmed graphics composed of lines and circles could be cut on the steel plate
● Cutting accuracy: national standard JB/T10045.3-99
● Assembling method: combined assembled, this machine will not need fixed place and can be free moved
● Length of transverse track: 0-1500mm
● Effective working width: 0-1200mm
● Length of longitudinal track: 0-2000mm (could be extended according to customer’s requirements)
● Effective working length: 0-1500mm (could be extended according to customer’s requirements)


Niaj Servoj

Klienta plaĉa estas nia laboranta celo.

  • 1-jara garantio por la tranĉa maŝino.
  • Por iu demando helpos vin trakti ĝin en 24 horoj.
  • fora helpo estas subtenata
  • inĝeniero iru aborde subtenata
  • ni povas helpi klienton fari la kompleksan desegnon libere


Oftaj Demandoj

1. Are you factory or foreign trade company?
We are factory directly supply .

2. What's the quality of your products?
We are very focused on the quality of the products, good quality products can bring us more customers, so, All spare parts of this machine come with best brand and best quality, after completing the installation we will test the machine for 48 hours, also we can provide the machine's working video before shipping.

3 What shall we do if don't know how to operate your machine after bought from you?
We have detailed installation and operating instructions attached, also comes with video, it is very simple. We have telephone and email support at 24 hours a day.